⠀ more…⠀⠀

yes: kpop, k-dramas, animals, outdoors

no: rude people, insects, mornings

tw: self harm, eating, family issues

⠀⠀before u follow⠀⠀ always busy in some way, doesn’t use tone indicators, can take a while to respond

⠀⠀do not follow if⠀⠀ apart of cancel culture, over sexualize or infantilize idols, think it’s funny to be rude to others

(music) red velvet joy, enhypen jungwon, the boyz sunwoo, aespa karina, twice nayeon, ive yujin, stayc sumin, txt beomgyu, treasure jihoon, victon subin, drippin yunseong, nct dream haechan, wjsn eunseo